May 15th Online Event - Climate Justice 4pm to 5:30pm EST


Climate Justice on the Homefront: An Inspiring discussion from the frontlines of the climate crisis in Canada

Sunday May 15th -  4pm-5:30pm EST

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Climate justice lies at the nexus of climate change and human rights. Though often imagined as a future problem affecting faraway lands, climate change is an urgent issue affecting thousands of people right here, right now in Canada.


Join us on Sunday May 15th for a panel discussion about climate change in Canada today. From fires to flooding to extreme weather events, we will explore what climate change looks like across the rural-urban interface and how human rights enables truly livable, radically sustainable climate justice futures. 


Guest speakers

Chief Patrick Michell (Kanaka Bar Band): Chief Michell is a leader of the Kanaka Bar Indian Band. Located near Lytton, BC, the Kanaka Bar Indian Band is currently engaged in sustainable rebuilding plans after destructive wildfires in 2021.


Chief Arnold Lampreau (Shackan First Nation): Chief Lampreau is a leader of the Shackan First Nation on the Nicola River. After historic floods which washed away entire homes in November 2021, Shackan First Nation is now calling on the provincial government to do better for communities.


City Councillor Alison Gu (City of Burnaby, BC): Councillor Gu is the youngest elected official in the history of Burnaby. As a young climate leader in Burnaby and beyond, Councillor Gu will speak about climate justice from an urban perspective.