December 10th 4pm to 6pm Pacific Time - Join Us Online!


Amnesty International picks 10 cases each year as a focus for the annual "Write for Rights" campaign. Are you curious about this year's cases? Here is a link to a one-page summary of them. You can find out even more details about the cases at

The “Write for Rights” for our Amnesty Okanagan group looks a little different this year given the COVID-19 restrictions. We are hosting a virtual “Write for Rights” event on: Thursday, December 10 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 p.m. 

We will send you a Zoom link to the event once you register. 

Do I need to stay for the entire two hours? 
No, you can join us anytime during the two hours for whatever length of time works for you.

Am I expected to write for all 10 of the cases? No. You can write to as many as you choose. Some people finish writing on their own time.

What do I need to participate? All you need to bring are your beverage of choice and your writing supplies. It doesn't matter if you are a first time writer or a seasoned writer. We can answer your questions and provide whatever support you need.
Can I still participate in "Write for Rights" if I can't join you on the 10th? Yes! Send an email to us at and let us know what questions you have or what support you need from us.